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A wide range of products offering Naturalight in so many different shapes and designs to compliment many types of building applications. These may include, Commercial, Domestic, Renovations and New Build. Applications may include full canopies over car parks, playgrounds, walkways, shelters, extensions, swimming pools, Barrel roofs, emergency escape hatches and all offering many glazing options such as double and triple skin polycarbonate and glass.

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Technical support available to help meet your building regulations, planning and design requirements.


We supply rooflight domes and canopies from the following brands.
Naturalight – NLS

NaturaLight Systems specialise in manufacturing high quality standard and bespoke rooflights, skylights, structural glazing products, walkways/canopies and bike and pram shelters for customers throughout the UK.

Rooflights are light transmitting fenestration (products filling openings in a building envelope which also includes windows, doors, etc.) forming all, or a portion of, the roof of a building space. rooflights are widely used in daylighting design in residential and commercial buildings, mainly because they are the most effective source of daylight on a unit area basis.

An alternative to a typical modular rooflight is a roof lantern. A roof lantern is a daylighting cupola that sits above a roof, as opposed to a rooflight which is fitted into a roof’s construction. Roof lanterns serve as both an architectural feature and a method of introducing natural light into a space, and Naturalight Systems offer a series of design options utilising the Naturalspan, Fastlock and Safelock Systems.


UPVC Kerbs


Canopies & Walkways


Velux Flat Roof Windows & Modular Skylights

The beauty of having glass in your flat roof window is that it keeps its appealing shape and clarity indefinitely, while the tempered surface resists damage from hail. Great insulating effects protect against outer heat and cold temperatures and reduce exterior noise disturbances.

These are available in a curved (ISD 1093) or flat (ISD 2093) glass or polycarbonate (ISD 0010 or 0110) with a fixed (CFP 0073QV) or electric opening (CVP 0673QV) option.

The Flat roof polycarbonate domes option offer a emergency escape and access (CXP 0473Q).

If you would prefer to use a pitched roof window in a flat roof application you can use the (ECX 0000T) flat roof insulated kerb to allow you to do this, you can then choose which finish and opening option you would like.

Modular skylights let in more natural light and prices are POA.

Velux Curved Glass Rooflight

Velux Flat Glass Rooflight

Velux Flat Roof Dome

Velux Emergency Exit Dome

Velux Smoke Vent Dome

Velux Modular Skylights


COXDOME uses innovative, sustainable daylight solutions to help capture the most of this inexhaustible supply. For over 60 years we have provided a wide-ranging assortment of daylight solutions, in both plastic and glass, that take our client’s inspired ideas and turn them into practical applications.

Coxdome range includes, Trade, 2000, Circular, Galaxy, Rooftop entrance and access hatches, Trapzoid, Pyramid, Moduglass, Flat glass, Varionorm, Variotherm, Monopitch, Ridgelights, Polycarbonate and Grillodor.

Everything we manufacture at COXDOME is quality tested to the very highest standards. With professional accreditations and ISO9001 – 2008, all aspects of our manufacturing and operational process is stringently audited to ensure our processes maintain consistency and our production continually meets the requirements of our customers.

Barrel Vaults Rooflights

Shev Firejet Smoke Systems

Coxdome Products


Whitesales has over 25 years’ technical expertise in the design, manufacture, installation and distribution of speciality flat roofing products: smoke control, daylight and access systems. We help you to provide the right solution, whatever your requirements. Every product is tested and proven to perform to the most rigorous standards, and all products are fully guaranteed.

Our Products include, Em-Glaze, Em-Dome, Em-Vault, Em-Tube, Em-Line, T-Vault, Em-Vent, Es-Vent, Es-Louvre, Em-Louvre, Es-Shaft, Es-Drive, Smoke Panels, Es-Shev, Em-Hatch, Es-Hatch and Access Hatches.

There is a full technical support team to help throughout your design which includes consultancy, commissioning, servicing and emergency call out.








We supply an extensive range of Mardome dome rooflights and kerb options designed for daylighting new or refurbishment residential and smaller commercial projects. This popular rooflight, suitable for flat or low curved roofs, offers a Hi-Lights range – a collection of specially hand-picked favourites available for 48 hour delivery, or bespoke options offering high specification and contemporary styling in a range of sizes, glazing, ventilation and opening options, to bring you the most inspiring rooflight solutions all round.

Mardome dome rooflights have been developed specifically for flat roofs or low pitched and gently curved roof structures where the roof pitch does not exceed 15°. Used with a range of roofing systems including single ply, bituminous, metal, liquid applied and asphalt; there’s such a wide choice of models available in a range of sizes, shapes, glazing, ventilation and opening options as well as a range of kerbs. Mardome rooflights can be configured to satisfy every budget and requirement, making it a very popular rooflight choice.

Mardome Access Hatch

Mardome Circular

Mardome Glass

Mardome Reflex

Mardome Trade SV

Mardome Trade

Mardome Ultra

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