OSB Board & Ply

Quality OSB & Plywood

OSB is made of small and fairly rectangular-shaped wood chips from small resinous trees, which are bonded into a panel form with wax and synthetic resin.

Plywood on the other hand, is made with thin sheets of wood that have been cut from a spinning log, then glued together with the grain laid out in alternating directions to maximise strength.


We supply OSB Boards & Ply from the following brands.


SMARTPLY T&G is a strong, versatile structural board suitable for use in humid conditions (Service Class 1 & 2) for both roofing and flooring applications. Manufactured to the same standards as SMARTPLY MAX but with the addition of tongue and grooved edges.


In stock:                  610 x 2440mm (18mm thickness)    and   1220 x 2440mm (18mm thickness)

Available in:            590 x 2440mm (15 and 18mm thickness)  and  600 x 2440mm (15, 18 and 22mm thickness)
(upon request)       1200 x 2397mm (15, 18 and 22mm thickness)  and  1220 x 2440mm (18 and 22mm thickness)

SMARTPLY T&G is available in a range of sizes and thicknesses, others sizes available on request and may be subject to minimum order quantities.

SMARTPLY OSB3 T&G Technical Data Sheet



WBP Plywood

Our WBP (weather and boil-proof) plywood is an exterior based plywood with a variety of uses from roofing to flooring and walling.

In stock: 1220 x 2440mm (18mm thickness)

Available in various other sizes upon request.


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