Quality rolled lead sheets

Lead is one of the most effectively recycled materials in the world and is an exceptionally sustainable building material. Its long lifespan and good appearance make it great value for money. Lead is regularly used in more modest commercial and domestic roofing – from whole roof coverings, porches, turrets and parapet roofing to modern roof waterproofing details like valleys, flashings and gutters.

The codes are the reference for the thickness of the sheet. Thinner codes tending to be used for flashings, whilst thicker codes being used where resting water is common on parapets and valleys.

Calder Lead

Calder Lead are one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of rolled sheet lead, with over 260 years’ experience, made using 100% recycled materials and to BS EN 12588.

Roofing applications range from lead flashings, lead dormers, lead valley gutters and lead porches.

All Calder rolled lead sheets come with a 50-year guarantee, providing it is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s terms and conditions.

We keep standard width rolls of lead in stock, in either 3m or 6m lengths. However, we can offer other bespoke sizes upon request (T&Cs may apply).

Abbey Metals Trading Ltd

Abbey Metals Trading Ltd is a sustainable business which has been created specifically to develop and promote lead to the UK. All Rolled Lead Sheet is manufactured to BSEN 12588:2006 and all products are CE Marked.

Products include Code 3, Code 4, Code 5, Code 6, Code 7 and Code 8 Lead, as well as lead-working ancillary products.

Colour & Thickness

Metric Imperial
Colour code Nominal thickness (mm)
Green 1.25 or 1.32
Yellow 1.50 or 1.59
Blue 1.75 or 1.80
Red 2.00 or 2.24
Black 2.50 or 2.65
White 3.00 or 3.15
Orange 3.50 or 3.55
Note: The thickness given are used in practice

Lead-Working Ancillary Products

Patination Oil

The effects of the weather on lead can vary greatly according to circumstances. Applied on site, Patination Oil is a protective coating applied to the lead after being shaped. It protects the new lead until it has developed a patina, which prevents initial corrosion and the white carbonate which forms on newly fitted lead, along with staining that might occur on any neighbouring roofing materials.

Lead Sheet Sealant

A fast skinning grey Lead Sheet Sealant designed specially for sealing around leadwork, roof-lights and soffits which sets to a tough, resilient rubber seal.

Geotec Underlay

On a low pitch roof, the Lead is more likely to buckle on expansion or stretch as it contracts if it isn’t free to move. For those situations, we provide Geotec lead underlay. This non-woven, needle punched, polyester fleece textile underlay with a special composition prevents ridges and fractures forming in the lead sheet. The temperature of lead on a roof varies constantly. When the Lead rests directly onto sawn timber on a steeply pitched roof, and non-resinous timber has been used, underlay may not be necessary.

Wedges, Clips & Nails Dome / Dot Head Screws

High tensile ‘v’ shaped stainless steel Leah Hallclips, designed by a roofing contractor to save time, allows flashing to be fixed up to 20x faster than with standard lead wedges. Finishing touches are important when installing Lead, therefore the Lead Dome / Dots are the perfect decorative fixing to creates a weatherproof seal to your lead sheet.


We supply lead from the following brands.
Abbey Metals Trading Ltd
Calder Lead
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