Clay Interlocking Roof Tiles

Manufactured Clay Interlocking Tiles

Traditional clay has been used to cover roofs in Britain for many hundreds of years. Precision manufacture and interlocking technology now allows the natural warmth of clay to be combined with a range of profile options, high performance and ease of installation.

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We supply clay interlocking roof tiles from the following brands.
Marley Clay Interlocking Tiles

Marley’s extensive range contains colour and profile options which meet the aesthetic and performance demands of all types of roofing applications.

Lincoln Clay Interlocking Pantiles

Large, beautiful format clay interlocking pantiles bring durability and unrivalled weather protection to both new and refurbishment projects. The Lincoln clay pantile features a completely open-gauge design, making it quick and easy to install. Combining the bold and beautiful curves of traditional clay pantiles with all the installation simplicity and speed required for today’s roofs. This means that Lincoln affords the rich appeal of natural, clay pantiled roofs, a thin leading edge and a beauty that matures over time.

Colours: Rustic Red (Fine Sanded Finish), Natural Red (Smooth Finish).

Technical Information

  • Size: 370mm x 247mm
  • Minimum Pitch: 17.5° (120mm headlap), 22.5° (75mm headlap)
  • Covering Capacity: 15.3 tiles/m² (75mm headlap), 18.0 tiles/m² (120mm headlap)


Rustic Red (Fine Sanded Finish)

Natural Red (Smooth Finish)

Maxima Clay Interlocking Double Roman

A flexible, large format tile which brings the beauty and durability of clay to both new and refurbishment projects. Maxima is a clay interlocking double roman tile suitable for roof pitches down to 17.5° and has an open gauge, making it easy to lay.

Colours: Natural Red, Matt Black.

Technical Information

  • Size: 403mm x 333mm
  • Minimum Pitch: 17.5° (120mm headlap)
  • Covering Capacity: 10.1 tiles/m² (75mm headlap)


Natural Red

Matt Black

Melodie Clay Single Pantile

A low-pitch single pantile with a flexible gauge with a classic profile to match the surrounding area and meet planning requirements. They provide all the benefits of using a strong, natural material with cutting-edge modern production techniques. Available with a range of fittings and accessories.

Colours: Natural Red, Slate Grey.

Technical Information

  • Size: 440mm x 255mm
  • Minimum Pitch of 12.5°
  • Covering Capacity: 13.8 tiles/m² (at maximum gauge)


Slate Grey

Natural Red

Eden Traditional Clay Pantile

The newest addition to this classic clay range combines carefully considered design with a traditional feel and beautiful look of a clay pantile. Eden tiles take the hassle out of guesswork and laying clay pantiles. The low minimum pitch offers versatility and the tail clipping system offer an alternative to nailing for an easier fit and smoother appearance. The stabilising nibs on the reverse of the tile allows for square stacking in a bundle, reducing transport damage and making bundles easier to lift to the roof. Also, the flat back design stops significant rocking on battens.

Colours: Natural Red, Rustic Red, Matt Black.

Technical Information

  • Size: 342mm x 247mm
  • Minimum Pitch: 22.5° (72mm headlap)
  • Covering Capacity: 17.2 tiles/m² (72mm headlap)


Natural Red

Rustic Red

Matt Black

BMI Redland Clay Interlocking Tiles

Based on traditional designs, the profile range comprises interlocking clay tiles in a wide variety of colours and finishes.

Old Holloway Clay Pantile

Old Hollow Clay Pantiles are traditional overlapping single pantiles produced with a weathered, rustic finish. This creates an aged appearance from day one. The unique and random pattern and texturing applied to the product offers the visual appearance of reclaimed pantiles whilst modern production overcomes the integrity risks associated with them. Their distinctive pattern of rolls and troughs effortlessly replicates the traditional old English pantile shape, producing roofscapes of outstanding character.

Colours: 60 Vintage Blue (Sanded / Granular), 80 Vintage Red (Sanded / Granular).

Technical Information

  • Size: 343mm x 242mm
  • Minimum Pitch: 30° (48mm headlap), 35° (38mm headlap)
  • Covering Capacity: 16.8 tiles/m² (295mm gauge), 16.2 tiles/m² (305mm gauge)

Old Holloway Product Datasheet
Old Holloway Technical Information

Old Holloway

80 Vintage Red (Sanded / Granular)

60 Vintage Blue (Sanded / Granular)

Hollander Clay Pantile

The Hollander Clay Pantiles have been designed to reflect the history behind one of the most eye-catching roof tile profiles created, producing an attractive roof. Precision manufactured using the latest clay technology, they combine the performance of a modern interlocking tile with the character of a natural clay product, enabling this distinctive look to be achieved at roof pitches as low as 22.5°.

Colours: 80 Red (Smooth Finish), 82 Brindle (Smooth Finish).

Technical Information

  • Size: 420mm x 265 mm
  • Minimum Pitch: 22.5° (70 mm headlap), 25° (65 mm headlap)
  • Covering Capacity: 12.7 tiles/m² (below 25°), 12.5 tiles/m² (25° and over)

Hollander Product Datasheet


80 Red (Smooth Finish)

82 Brindle (Smooth Finish)

Postel Clay Pantile

The Postel clay tile originates from the Courtrai tile, imported into the UK from Belgium between the world wars caused by a lack of indigenous supply at the time. Thousands of housing estates in the South East of England were covered with these tiles and many are now in need of re-roofing. The Postel tile is the perfect solution.

Colours: 82 Brindle (Smooth Finish).

Technical Information

  • Size: 315mm x 230mm
  • Minimum Pitch: 20° (70mm headlap)
  • Covering Capacity: 20.4 tiles/m²

Postel Product Datasheet
Postel Technical Information


82 Brindle (Smooth Finish)

Sandtoft Wienerberger Concrete Interlocking Tiles

Sandtoft clay tiles are the latest range of tiles from Wienerberger, a leading provider of roofing, wall and landscaping materials with over 100 years of experience as a market leader in the industry.

20/20 Interlocking Roof Tile

The Sandtoft 20/20 tile is an interlocking tile with the appearance of a clay plain tile. This new generation clay tile is designed to make a clay plain tile roof more affordable through a cutting edge design. It reduces labour, material costs and completion times. The innovative interlocking design allows this tile to be used on roof pitches as low as 15°. This amazing design makes it a perfect choice for low pitched home extensions that need to match in with clay plain tiles on the main roof.

Colours: Tuscan, Antique Slate, Natural Red, Flanders.

Technical Information

  • Size: 330mm x 226 mm
  • Minimum pitch: 15° (100mm headlap)
  • Covering Capacity: 22.7 tiles/m² (100mm headlap)

20/20 Technical Information
20/20 Accessories
20/20 Installation Guide



Antique Slate

Natural Red


Vauban Interlocking Tile

This interlocking clay tile gives a flat, clean, contemporary look and can perform down to pitches as low as 22.5°. The Vauban has also been designed to perform as a vertical cladding solution. The open gauge makes it easy to lay and research shows that it reduces completion times by up to 30%. The Vauban has been designed to give the attractive appearance of a plain tile roof, with the advantages of being an interlocking tile.

Colours: Natural Red, Multiblend, Slate Engobe.

Technical Information

  • Size: 366mm x 202 mm
  • Minimum pitch: 22.5° (100mm headlap)
  • Covering Capacity: 21.8 tiles/m²

Vauban Technical Information


Natural Red


Slate Engobe

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