Concrete Plain Roof Tiles

Manufactured Concrete Plain Tiles

The concrete plain tiles we provide with a traditional design, offer an economical alternative to a clay plain tile. Being highly versatile and ideal for detailing on classic roof designs, such as dormer and eyebrow windows as well as vertical hanging. All the manufacturers will have the standard fittings which include ridges, valleys, bonnets and angles. Feature tiles such as Fishtail, club, bullnose, diamond and bat access are still available but limited to some ranges.

The aesthetics each supplier has created gives a distinctive character to each project, depending on the mix of colours and choice of manufacturing process you will see how they can be used and adapted in all designs from New Build to conservation and Heritage.

We have samples available on request and the chance to meet with our suppliers representatives to go over their full range.


We supply concrete plain roof tiles from the following brands.
Russell Roof Slates
Marley Concrete Plain Tiles

The authentic, traditional design of the Marley plain tile gives it a clean, classic look, rivalled only by its outstanding versatility. The plain tile is especially suitable for details such as dormers, eyebrows and conical roofs, as well as vertical cladding. This popular concrete plain tile comes in both smooth face and granular finishes, and will give your project an outstanding look at a fraction of the cost of clay plain tiles.
Produced by Marley, the concrete plain tile comes in a variety of 9 stunning colours with fantastic finishes.

Technical Specification
• Size of Tile 267mm x 165mm (10.5″ x 6.5″)
• Minimum Pitch 35°
• Maximum Pitch 90°
• Covering Capacity 60 tiles/m²

Click here for the Marley Roofing Product Catalogue.


Antique Brown

Dark Red


Mosborough Red

Natural Red

Old English Dark Red

Smooth Brown

Smooth Grey

BMI Redland Range of Concrete Plain Tiles

Redland’s range of concrete plain tiles are quick and easy to lay and offer great versatility and scope for varied effects (previously Monier). The tile features a double camber from side to side (except the two painted tiles) as well as from head to tail which textures the roof adding rich detail to a building.

Tiles are available in a wide range of different surface finishes, including smooth, sanded, painted and granular to blend with traditional roofing materials throughout the country. Available in a range of 13 natural shades, granular, through-coloured and acrylic coated, to match any roofing environment.

Technical Specification
• Size of Tile 268mm x 165mm
• Minimum Pitch 35°
• Maximum Pitch 90°
• Covering Capacity below 90° 60 tiles/m2 or at 90° 52 tiles/m2

Click here to view the BMI Redland Plain Tiles Product Data Sheet.

02 Brown (Sanded / Granular)

03 Antique Red (Sanded / Granular)

12 Cotswold (Sanded / Granular)

18 Hedgerow Brown (Sanded / Granular)

27 Natural Red (Sanded / Granular)

30 Slate Grey (Smooth Finish)

34 Terracotta (Smooth Finish)

36 Tudor Brown (Smooth Finish)

39 Farmhouse Red (Smooth Finish)

52 Breckland Brown (Smooth Finish)

63 Black – Coated (Smooth Finish)

77 Charcoal Grey – Coated (Smooth Finish)

78 Rustic Red – Coated (Smooth Finish)

Russell Concrete Plain Tiles

Russell Roof Tiles are a manufacturer of concrete roof tiles and fittings. The concrete tile range consists of three ranges. The Regency Range holds traditional concrete plain tiles including Blends and Heritage Tiles for bespoke roofs.

The Russell Plain Tile has the appearance of a traditional clay tile but the strength and economy of a concrete tile. Ideal for historic restorations and projects where subtle aesthetic appearance and cost efficiency are a priority. Available in 6 colours.

Technical Specification
• Size of Tile 267mm x 165mm
• Minimum Pitch 35°
• Maximum Pitch 90°
• Covering Capacity 60 Tiles/m² (65mm headlap)

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Burnt Orange

Cottage Red

Peat Brown

Slate Grey


Sandtoft Wienerberger Concrete Plain Tiles

The Sandtoft Wienerberger Concrete Plain Tile is hugely versatile, cross-cambered concrete plain tile that offers an economical alternative to the traditional clay plain tile. Produced by Sandtoft, this tile is ideal for complex detailing and curved roofing.

Sandtoft Wienerberger’s standard of quality and consistency goes beyond the accepted industry standard. Available in a choice of 2 textures (smooth or granular) and 10 colours and are an attractive option for residential and commercial properties alike.

Technical Specification
• Size of Tile 265mm x 165 mm
• Minimum Pitch 35°
• Covering Capacity 60 tiles /m²

Click here to view the Sandtoft Wienerberger Concrete Plain Tile Data Sheet.
Click here to view the Sandtoft Wienerberger Concrete Plain Tile Accessories.

Antique 2



Cornish Grey

Dark Grey

Dark Heath

Mottled Red



Terracotta Red

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