Cedar Wood Shingles & Shakes

Light weight and ideal for roofs and cladding application

Cedar has a fine even grain, their low density and light weight making it easy to work with. The wood has a characteristic pleasing spicy aroma. Cedar shingles are used on domestic dwellings and public buildings. They are ideal for chalets, sheds, summerhouses, animal shelters (stables) and mobile homes as well as conventional dwellings.

Environment Cedar logs are harvested from renewable well managed forests, which may allow re-harvesting in as few as 50 years and there for are one of the lower carbon footprint building products.

Cedar shingles are delivered in bundles comprising approximately 2.28m2.

For further information please contact us as both Eastern White and Western Red cedar shingles and shakes available.


We supply Cedar wood shingles from the following brands.
Marley Eternit
Eastern White Cedar Shingles

Grading Eastern White Cedar Shingles are produced in three grades, A, B & C. A (Blue Label) is knot free, paler in shade and homogeneous. B (Red Label) is similar to A but may contain knots in the top unexposed area of the shingle. C (Black Label) may contain visible sound knots, is a darker shade and more varied in appearance. Our suppliers only offer A Grade shingles treated or untreated as A is the only grade suitable for pitched roofing. B and C are only suitable for vertical applications. Durability Untreated shingles will have an in-service life of 25-30 years. Paint or stain will add 10 to 15% to service life but must be re-applied every 5-7 years. Factory applied ACQ treatment can add 25-30 years.

Cembrit cedar shingles

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