Felt Shingles

Light weight and ideal for roofs and cladding application

Bitumen felt shingles have been used for years as a light weight alternative for a multiple of applications from domestic garden sheds, out buildings, chalets, summer houses, beach huts to commercial buildings.

They can be fixed down to a minimum of 10° pitch with some manufacturers using an additional underlay.

Felt shingles are used on main roofs as well as vertically for cladding as they are able to withstand tough weather conditions, their durability and easy installation is appealing with the ability use the same product for ridges and hips.

There are a number of designs available dependant on the manufacturers products Coroshingle, Cembrit Bitumen Shingle, Armourglass and Xtra-Gard which include:

Square Butt

Classic Round


The variety of colours available vary dependant on manufacturer as well as installation guides and videos.


We supply felt shingles from the following brands.
Ariel Plastics
Coroshingle shingle tile

Coroshingle is a lightweight shingle tile strip suitable for use in timber frame roofing projects around the home and garden on sheds, play houses, home offices, summer houses and kennels. Featuring a simple interlocking system the tiles are quick and easy to lay providing a quality broken bond pattern. Coroshingle tiles are available in a choice of Slate, Red and Green

Cembrit Bitumen Shingle

Bitumen roofing products are available in 5 colours and weigh only around 11.5kg-m2. They must be installed fully supported on a timber deck. Manufactured in a continuous process starting with large rolls of organic felt on to which other components are layered. The felt is impregnated with the hot bitumen which is then coated with a stabiliser to the top and bottom. Coloured granules are dropped onto the top surface, while a talc is spread across the back to prevent the shingles from sticking together when packaged. Cooling rollers press the granules firmly into the hot bitumen. The material is then accurately cut to size, packaged and wrapped for shipment.

Colours available – Red, Green, Brown, Black and Brown

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