Bituminous Onduline Profile

Light weight, durable corrugated roofing sheet

Onduline heavy duty bitumen sheets are extremely tough and hard wearing providing a highly durable roofing material for larger timber structures. Manufactured from bitumen soaked organic fibres, the sheets are guaranteed weatherproof for 15 years. Onduline sheets are available in a choice of Black, Green, Red and Brown.

There are a number of accessories to go with the Onduline sheets which include:

  • Onduline Fixings, galvanised with a colour coded cap and in bags of 20 or 400
  • Onduline PVC roofing sheets with a matching profile
  • Onduline eave filler
  • Onduline verge and apron flashing
  • Coroline Ridge
  • Onduline eaves tray, ventilated strips and batten cloaking

These sheets can be used on low pitch roofs as long as some guidelines are followed for the substrate. Often Onduline sheets are also laid under tiled roof’s that are installed on a low pitch as a out of sight protection.

These sheets are ideal for garden shed, stables, workshops, temporary cover, lean to, car ports and much more.


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Bituminous Onduline Profile
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