Fibre Cement Profile (Non Asbestos)

Corrugated profile sheeting made of fibre cement

The perfect material for livestock buildings, equestrian centres and agricultural storage.

Profile 6 (Cemsix) is a high strength fibre cement corrugated roof sheet with polypropylene reinforcement strips inserted along precisely engineered locations that run along the length of the sheet. This provides maximum impact strength without affecting the durability of the product.

We are the only British manufacturer with the largest product range
Our Semi-Compressed sheets are highly absorbent minimising condensation
Naturally breathable improving ventilation and sheet efficiency
Excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties over metal
Rust, rot and corrosion resistant with a 50yr life expectancy

Profile 3 (B5) is a semi-compressed fibre cement sheet which is easy to handle and suitable for small structures in the agricultural, industrial and domestic sectors such as housing, garages, general purpose sheds and smaller buildings

A comprehensive range of accessories is available.

Easy to handle – ideal for smaller structures
Can achieve A+ or A ratings in the Green Guide
Highly cost effective weather proofing
Low maintenance roofing solution
Does not rust, rot or corrode
Resistant to chemical attack
Excellent noise and thermal insulation

All fittings available which include, cranked crown, ventilated cranked crown sheet, open protected ridge, two piece close fitting ridge, two piece ventilated ridge, two piece plain wing ridge, curved profile 6, eaves bend sheet, roll top barge, vergeline bargebaord, eternal corner, hooded two piece ridge finial, disc type ridge finial, eaves corrugation closure, eaves filler piece, apron flashing, hook bolts, j-bolts and Topfix fixings.

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We supply sheeting from the following brands.
Fibre cement corrugated B5 and Cemsix profiled sheeting

B5 is often the preferred choice on smaller, single skinned structures. With 910mm cover width and 130mm x 36mm corrugation troughs, B5 has a higher water carrying capacity than traditional 3” profiled sheets and can be laid to 5° minimum pitch on small roof areas.

Fully compressed Cemsix fibre cement corrugated sheet, the traditional 6” profile sheet is rust proof, rot proof and able to absorb condensation and gradually release moisture to the atmosphere.

Profile 3 or B5

Profile 6 or Cemsix

Fittings and fixings

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