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Our suppliers are an award winning, renewable energy design and project management company based in the heart of Kent. Their technical design team are made up of experienced renewable energy experts who are firm in their belief that all renewable energy projects should be treated as bespoke in order to deliver the best performance.

They work across a wide range of technologies and so never try to sell a particular solution to a client. This means they will design and source systems that are tailored to best suit the requirement of the project and client. They are technology enthusiasts who have worked at the board level for multi-award winning technology development company’s and delivered some of the most unique renewable energy projects in the UK.

They simplify your choices and advise which renewable energy technology is the best fit for your home or business. They have experience with most renewable energy technologies on the market and have found each is best in its own niche. They can do as much or as little as you want, from a free initial desktop survey with estimate to a fully integrated system design and project delivery. They are led by our clients and try to advise on what is required to achieve the most energy efficient and economically sensible option.

They have worked in the industry for a long time, if you can’t find what you are looking for look no further, please get in touch, chances are we can still provide assistance or point you in the right direction. Our specialism is in hybrid systems which really maximise efficiency and returns.

A PV-T panel is a combined panel that operates simultaneously as a Photovoltaic panel and a solar thermal panel. These panels tend to be selected for low temperature projects in order to optimise the outputs. As the heat is drawn away from the panel, a higher electrical efficiency is maintained.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) modules generate electricity directly from sunlight via the photovoltaic effect which occurs in some semiconductors. Electrons in these materials are freed by photons ( sunlight ) and can be induced to travel through an electrical circuit, powering electric devices, charging a battery or sending electricity to the grid.

When using any renewable heat technology a crucial part of the design which can often be over looked is the heat emitters. Whether you are you are using solar thermal energy to contribute to heating or running a ground source heat pump, the correct design and specification of the heat emitters can be crucial to the functioning of your system and achieving the financial returns you are hoping for. For low temperature heat emitter systems we would normally recommend underfloor heating systems, we can provide a range of options for UFH through our partners at Tiemme.

At convert energy we have teamed up with a leading hybrid inverter manufacturer in order to bring you cost effective battery solutions that are tailored to your specific project requirements.
The units can be used both as your PV inverter, (as a grid/battery inverter) and charge controller. This significantly reduces the balance of system costs and increases the speed of installation.

A thermal store is very useful for renewable energy systems due to the ability to take heat from multiple sources. Another benefit of most thermal stores is that hot water production is indirect which means the tank does not have to be kept at such a high temperature as long as the heat exchangers are sized properly. We offer a range of thermal stores from 300L to 110,000L thorough our partners.

Solar thermal technology uses the sun’s energy to generate heat. This energy is used to heat water and can also power solar cooling systems.
There are 3 main types of solar thermal collectors; Evacuated tube collectors, Glazed Flat plate collector and un-glazed collector
The correct panel selection is important as each panel type works more efficiently at different temperature ranges. All of our panels are Solar key marked and so are eligible for grants under the MCS equivalency scheme.


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