3D Metal Wall Cladding

UK manufactured 3D metal wall cladding facade tiles

3D Metal Wall Cladding Tiles are Manufactured in the UK using a range of different imported metals from various countries. All the metals are suitable to be used in either a roofing or cladding application and come with a warranty from 10yr up to 50yr depending on the choice of metal required.

The different Manufacturers consist of Nedzink (zinc), GreenCoat PLX (steel), ZM Silesia (zinc), Prefa Prefalz (aluminium), Zintek (zinc), Aurubis (copper), Falzonal (aluminium), Kalzip Falzinc (zinc coated aluminium), Mazanetto (aluminium). Click here for an overview of all the different metals available and the finishes that are available in each range. Below is a quick view of the most popular.



Below is a range of current 3D designs, other bespoke designs available but minimum orders may apply.

Pyramid – 3D Metal Tiles

Ripples – 3D Metal Tiles

Leaf Veins – 3D Metal Tiles

Honeycomb – 3D Metal Tiles

Petals – 3D Metal Tiles

Lattice – 3D Metal Tiles

Curves – 3D Metal Tiles

Sea Waves – 3D Metal Tiles

Mountains – 3D Metal Tiles

Pebbles / Droplets – 3D Metal Tiles

Diamond Flower – 3D Metal Tiles

Squares – 3D Metal Tiles

Greencoat PLX

GreenCoat® is the brand for innovative, sustainable colour coated steel solutions for roofs, façades and rainwater systems.

Pural BT Nordic Night Black

Pural BT Mountain Grey

Pural BT Anthracite Grey

Pural BT Metallic Dark Silver

Pural BT Metallic Silver

Pural BT Quarry Grey

Pural BT Snow White

Pural BT Metallic Gold

Pural BT Metallic Copper

Pural BT Chestnut Brown

Pural BT Cottage Red

Pural BT Tile Red

Pural BT Leaf Green

Pural BT Silver Fir Green

Pro BT Nordic Night Black

Pro BT Mountain Grey

Pro BT Anthracite Grey

S280 Pural BT Nordic Night Black

S280 Pural BT Mountain Grey

S280 Pural BT Metallic Dark Silver


Using a simple rail system, the 3D tiles easily click into place

These tiles are installed onto a rail system, the rail system can be installed onto any substrate being timber, straight to block work or even onto a stud wall frame.

The rail system allows the tiles to be easily fitted, once this is in place the 3D Metal Tiles just click in. Also the rail system provides an 25mm space behind the tiles allowing space for any cabling or access.

The 3D Metal Tiles can be used for internal use as well as external application. These can transform a space such as feature walls in homes, bar’s, restaurants, hotel receptions and bedrooms as well as fully cladding the outside of a building.

3D Metal Tiles have also been used for stages, temporary structures for photo shoots, garden rooms and can be used in the ceiling too. Suitable for commercial use as well.

These are a light weight cladding system solution and the approximate weight vary’s between the different metals from approx 2kg – 6kg a Square metre.

These 3D Metal Cladding Tiles can be purchased with the rail system for you to install yourself or the manufacturer does provide a supply and fit service too. The manufacturer is also able to bespoke fabricate all flashings and trims in the same material to provide a flawless detail.

Samples available on request.
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